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Linwood Apps

Linwood Apps explores how New Tech can contribute to Music Ed in an age of apps which promises awesome advances.

Sight-reading, long the preserve of the classical world, is now as teachable as touch-typing.

Our music reading trainer, iReadGuitar Pro, demonstrates that clearly.

Our practical whole-class ensemble teaching app School Band brings musicacy into the classroom using recorders ukuleles xylophones and percussion, but without the need for a specialist music teacher.

With Country DIY you can have fun working with chords and chord progressions while playing a Hillbilly string band on your phone or tablet with just one finger.

Cool Guitar Skills introduces iconic folk jazz and practice techniques for guitarists looking to try something new.

Musicacy – musical literacy – and a practical understanding of how music works are now available to everyone.

The iReadGuitar Pro Mission

The iReadGuitar Pro app’s mission is to guide guitarists of all styles and levels towards playing standard musical notation at sight efficiently and confidently.

Course structure and content

The course is organised into 60 sections. Each section teaches only one new musical element at a time.

The information screens

The information screen is the first part of each section. You see a new musical element on-screen, with a pictorial explanation.

The exercise screens

At the beginning of each musical workout, the screen is static.

Playing through the exercises

When you are ready to play you tap the screen. The tempo buttons, and the number of the workout will disappear.

The accompaniments

The accompaniments are all on the beat. They are chords or single notes, and give a solid reassuring basis to play along with.

The three principles of good sight-reading

Read ahead, Don’t name the notes. Keep your eyes on the score.

About The Developer

Julian lives in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Julian Wright - Founder & Director