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Linwood Apps explores how New Tech can contribute to Music Ed in an age of apps which promises awesome advances.

Sight-reading, long the preserve of the classical world, is now as teachable as touch-typing.

My music reading trainer, iReadGuitar Pro, demonstrates that clearly.

My practical whole-class ensemble teaching app School Band brings musicacy into the classroom using recorders ukuleles xylophones guitars and percussion, but without the need for a specialist music teacher.

With Country DIY you can have fun working with chords and chord progressions while playing a Hillbilly string band on your phone or tablet with just one finger.

Cool Guitar Skills introduces iconic folk jazz and practice techniques for guitarists looking to try something new.

Musicacy – musical literacy – and a practical understanding of how music works are now available to everyone.

Linwood Apps

New Tech for Music Ed

Hello. I’m Julian Wright, a lifelong guitar player and – much more recently – an app coder.

Julian Wright — Linwood Apps

Curriculum Overview

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Computer Science

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Fine Arts

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Student Life and Activities

8th Grade Activities

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