A Three Chord Trick?

The slog of data entry is almost as addictive as coding. ‘I’ll just enter another section before I drop from sheer exhaustion.’

The sound data for the next app provides the material and structure for piling notes on top of one another to form chords. Lots of notes and lots of chords, so lots of data too.

You create the first data array – one which represents the chord of A major in this case – and then you copy and paste it onto the next line. You change what needs to be changed to make it minor and rename it A minor. You do the same for A 7 and then it’s on to B flat major, B flat minor and B flat 7. All the way to G sharp minor. Twenty-nine of them in all. And that’s for each of the five instruments. And they talk about a three chord trick!

Hang on. come to think of it that’s fewer than thirty by five, which is one fifty. Not a slog at all. Just incredibly repetitive. And addictive. Shall I plough on through the night and get it finished? Or should I leave my room and go and see if my family still live here?

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