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Hello. I’m Julian Wright, a lifelong guitar player and – much more recently – an app coder.



iReadGuitar Pro is now in a massively updated version.

It introduces guitarists of all styles to the skill of playing from sheet music. I’ve recently given it a root-and-branch update, including introducing sheet music-reading simulation.

You’re literate and numerate, so why not be musicate too?

The songs in the course are mostly popular traditional folksongs, music hall numbers, children’s songs and even classical melodies.

Given that these are not songs to perform but the means of learning a cool skill, you can make your trip down retro memory lane more enjoyable by using effects. During hours of testing I often played my Epiphone through a Roland Cube set to R-fier stack. Tasty. Unusual, but tasty.

Not sure it’s for you? My sampler app iReadGuitar gives you the first twelve lessons free.

So why not give it a go? Reading sheet music hasn’t been an option for most guitarists up to now because the way to learn it didn’t exist outside of formal classical guitar lessons.

Now, thanks to modern tech, it does. So it could become a standard skill.


My School Band app for primary schools is ready to launch – practical whole-class music-making with sight-reading right from the start. If you are a school teacher and would like your school to participate in pre-launch trials in return for extended free use then please contact me. 


I’ll continue to roll out free apps as well, just for the fun of it – some of the code I write cries out to be used in other ways.

CountryDIY is a case in point and is out right now. Play a five piece string-band with one finger and sing along.


Check out the Cool Guitar Skills section, where I post breakdowns of some of the guitarish techniques I’ve learned over the years.

Let me know what your experience of my apps is. I’d be delighted to hear from you.



And thanks to my friend David Chan for his invaluable mentoring and to another friend, Paul Wilson at Insane Tech, for building this website.

Hello. I’m Julian Wright, a lifelong guitar player and – much more recently – an app coder.

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