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In the seven years I have been coding moments of sheer delight have occasionally sprinkled the long hours spent scrambling up that old learning curve. The first time you get something to appear on screen sets you off crowing with delight. So does your first sound or that milestone first fully-functioning sequence. You get equal …

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The Most Popular Music App Of All Time

Conflict reigns. My old obsession – guitaring – has a rival – coding. Surprisingly, they have a lot in common. They are equally demanding, frustrating, difficult, unfathomable and addictive. When the coding for the music reading trainer – iReadGuitar Pro – was finished recently I looked forward to a second honeymoon with my first obsession. Time to …

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Links are great! They’re my latest personal discovery. I was sent one today in a text message by a young man who wants to be a good guitar player. He’d read a newspaper article about a Guitar Club I set up which is now called Guitarathon. Here’s the original article: We sit around for …

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