Content vs Bells and Whistles

An app is never finished. Just when you thought you could tear yourself away from it and do something normal you realize it needs another touch.

My beautiful fully-functional music reading trainer app looked terrific for a while. Now I know it has to be in colour. All black and white is too austere. I have to become a painter too.

So I’ve started to put colours in where I can for the next edition and it does look different – more appealing, more familiar, more like a game.

There will also be progress rewards – You’re halfway through the course so your Status is Skilled and your Rating is Three Star. Am I pandering? is this over-kill? Won’t my valued customers feel condescended to?

Knowledge of coding – or of music for that matter – melts into insignificance in comparison with knowledge of people. What are the triggers to their dedicated interest? What do they seek besides the offered musical skill – that elusive something which must be present for them to proceed to check-out? Is it all swipes and beeps and simple repetitive challenges?

Do all apps have to provide escapism? Actually, I hope so as my next one is on the way – a DIY karaoke app with all the bells and whistles, cute little features and hours of fun. I hope. Will I have got the people-watching right with this one?

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