December 2016

I’m excited. Firstly because the app is nearly finished at last! There’s just one more task to complete before the beta testing starts.

When the local library opens again after Christmas I’ll book the sound room synthesiser and make the remaining sound files.

Most of the accompaniments are on Steinway Piano, which sounds glorious โ€“ commanding and authoritative.

About a third will be either Mixed Choir, which makes the more lyrical folksong tunes even more beautiful, or Irish Fiddle for most of the wonderful Irish airs.

The second reason to feel excited concerns the How To Use section at the beginning of the app.

This is the third version of the instructions. The first was symbols-only to avoid translations from instructions in English. It confused intelligent musical pals who tested it and it clearly had to change.

So I introduced brief written instructions. But people tended to skip them so it didn’t work any better.

This latest version breaks everything down to basics and assumes no prior musical knowledge. There are voice-over explanations โ€“ by me, sounding like Sir David Attenborough! – and simple explanatory animations.

I’ve been testing it on friends and family. It works!

A few more positive results will convince me it’s time for full beta testing.

A launch date? February? March? Sometime soon!

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