I have just run full-speed off the top of a cliff.

Feedback after the iReadGuitar Pro initial Apple App Store launch invited major changes regarding UX. Lots of them.

So I’ve been working flat out to produce new visuals, allocate them x and y coordinates, Photoshop alternative versions of a thousand things and then lie awake half the night wondering what else needs improving.

I’m happy with the result so far. We’ll have to wait and see if the new version is user-friendly enough but I think it probably is now, What a relief, Take a look for yourself in a day or two when it it’ll be on the Store and Google Play.

But what do I do now? I’m still free-falling through the sky like someone shot from a circus canon.

Play the guitar maybe? While moving at this speed? Read a book? Impossible. Take the dog for a walk? Hang on, haven’t got one.

Maybe I’ll start with something simple like a haircut and a coffee in town. Enjoy a normal lifestyle and begin to slow down.

I haven’t hit the ground yet but experience tells me it won’t take long. Feedback never stops.

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