Google It!

In the seven years I have been coding moments of sheer delight have occasionally sprinkled the long hours spent scrambling up that old learning curve.

The first time you get something to appear on screen sets you off crowing with delight. So does your first sound or that milestone first fully-functioning sequence.

You get equal joy from that first glimpse of your website or of your app, up there in the real digital world on an app store. Harry Potter could not have been more thrilled by his first spells.

The most recent is Googling ‘iReadGuitar’. The store entries and website are right at the very top of the listings! It’s the same with ‘IREADGUITAR’ and ‘ireadguitar’.

Well, I suppose that’s not surprising. After all, ‘I read guitar’ does not produce the same happy result. Ah well.

So a new tactic is called for. Now that Version 2.0 is up and running – with vastly improved UX – I have placed a challenge out there too, a call to action: ‘Serious about your guitar skills? ‘iReadGuitar’ – Google it!’

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