iReadGuitar Pro

iReadGuitar Pro guides guitarists of all styles and levels towards playing standard musical notation at sight efficiently and confidently.

No previous knowledge of music theory is assumed.

Get a free no-obligation taster of the course with iReadGuitar.

The course is organized into forty lessons, each with four exercises to practice each new musical element.

At first the melodies are extremely simple. As you learn more and more notes they become more complex. It’s just like a touch-typing course where you don’t immediately produce proper words and sentences. You have to wait until you’ve learned enough letters.

As you progress through the course the music will become more and more tuneful and you will soon be playing many popular tunes.

The first nine lessons concentrate on the read-ahead technique, using single bar-by-bar slideshow displays. This requires you to read what’s coming, not what you’re playing at that moment. The chunks you read – and temporarily memorize – are small, just one or two notes.  It’s a skill which is surprisingly easy to learn.

When you graduate to three-four time and then to four-four time, there are of course more notes in each bar. So from lesson ten onwards the display changes to multiple bars – sheet music in fact.

This gives you the choice of how much to chunk. You continue to use your read-ahead technique by chunking one, two or even three notes ahead, as you wish.

Attractive and varied accompaniments keep you in time and increase your enjoyment.

You always have control over tempo. You can speed up or slow down the default BPM at the touch of a button, letting you to play at a pace which is tailor-made for you. There’s never a ‘correct’ tempo.

The thirty notes notes you learn to read are all in the open position.

You learn different key signatures and time signatures.

And more.

The last three lessons are all repertoire. You use what you’ve learned throughout the course to sight-read a dozen well-known tunes.

We invite you to try our free sampler app – iReadGuitar – which gives you the first twelve lessons of the course.

Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

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Fine Arts

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