Links are great! They’re my latest personal discovery.

I was sent one today in a text message by a young man who wants to be a good guitar player. He’d read a newspaper article about a Guitar Club I set up which is now called Guitarathon. Here’s the original article:

We sit around for a couple of hours, first Sunday of the month, 3.00, Pi Bar, Leicester (all welcome) and swap instrumentals. I describe it as an open jack rather than an open mike because there’s no singing. What?! Can this be possible?! Yes, we manage two hours just fine.

Beginners to pros, all musical styles, everyone who wants to play gets the chance. Often we have a Feature Artist who plays a set and talks about the delicious minutiae of their art. Drop by sometime.┬áHere’s the link to our Facebook page:

The Guitarathon gives me a reason to tear myself away from the quicksand of the world of apps and do a bit of guitar practice. But then the necessities of publicizing iReadGuitar force their way back and rip that guitar out of my hands again.

I’ve been emailing hundreds of guitar teachers throughout the UK individually to let them know it’s available. The feedback I’m beginning to get is very positive. For example:

“The content looks very thorough, it includes understanding and methodology of all the main aspects of musicianship we know is required… Good luck with the app. It seems to me to support proper study.”

This is very heartening. One teacher/performer has offered to write a review of the Pro version for inclusion in this blog in exchange for a link to his website. I was delighted to accept and look forward to posting them both. Let’s get the word out!

Long live links!



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