My Tour Of America

If I had to get a job then I’d choose to do just what I’m doing now – emailing the world about my app.

I’ve emailed Great Britain – well lots of it – informing guitar teachers and music shops, hundreds of them.

Now I’m emailing America!

Yes, it’s ludicrous. Beyond reasonable. Like deciding to jog round the world backwards or take up ballet at the age of ninety. But I love it.

All the websites are to do with my great passion, the guitar. And they all have their own feel. The best ones have sound tracks or videos and I always give them a listen and make a P.S. comment at the end of my email.

It’s sublime to make contact with others who share my passion, even in a fairly distant way.

The only suggestion I’d make to change them is to remind them to mention their names. Often you read ‘We have been teaching guitar for…’ but don’t say who ‘we’ are. But that’s the only change. Long live the endless variety of styles.

I even come across some surprising stuff. For instance, in Berkeley CA there is a company which makes guitar hangers. You can hang your guitar in a wardrobe just like a shirt. Ingenious. Perfect for students for example. Check them out at

Yes, I’m enjoying my tour of America.

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