Read Music? Of Course I Should!

I was standing at a bus stop just earlier, on my way home from a Saturday afternoon drink in a favourite bar. It was raining and we were all crammed in under the bus shelter roof.

I overheard a conversation between two lads. “I remember when we first met six years ago. I was eleven,” said the first. “Yeah,” replied his pal. “I was ten.” So young, I thought, not without a touch of regret.

The older one palmed his phone and said, “I’m going to Google the weather.” After a pause he announced, “It shouldn’t be raining.” Pause. “Oh, yes it should.”

The particular favourite bar I had been to is run by a patron of the arts. A guitarist himself, Russ appreciates good locally-produced music and gives well-paid gigs to local musicians. He understands that the public want a little more than piped music and grog, especially at the weekend.

So I put an idea to him. I’d had this idea quite some time ago but often ideas have to wait for their time to come in order to succeed. It’s a simple idea and I’m sure it’s only new in Leicester:

Three bars hire three solo acts for the evening. Each act plays a half-hour set in each of the three venues. Act A sets up in Venue A but then goes to Venue B to play their first set, using Act B’s sound equipment.

Then Act A goes to Venue C for their second set and after that to Venue A again for their final set.

Acts B and C are doing the same in the other venues.

They chase each other around, each playing one set in each of the venues and using each others’ sound gear. They get paid by the bar they finish up in.

Everyone benefits. The public get variety and the musos get to play their best numbers.

When I put the idea to Russ he got it immediately. The sign that someone has done so is that they get creative about it. “We could call it ‘Unholy Trinity’,” he quipped. He suggested two other bars which might be interested, and some great players who could be booked.

‘Unholy Trinity’? Mmmm. Maybe a ‘Circuit Gig’? Or a ‘3V Gig’ – (V for venue). Or a ‘Round Robin Gig’. Who knows?

Interesting times.

I submitted the iReadGuitar and iReadGuitar Pro apps to the Apple App Store yesterday. They’ll be reviewed and, hopefully, put up in the Store fairly soon.

I just hope that the guitarists who come across them get the idea of them like Russ got the idea of the variety threesome. ‘Learn to read music? What a great idea! Let’s do it!”

And maybe the apps also will benefit from simply being Googleable. “I shouldn’t be able to read music.” Pause. “Oh, yes I should.”

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