School Band

School Band

A WCET music course featuring ensemble playing and music reading easily led by non-musically trained teachers using simple smartboard technology.

If you would like your school to participate in the trial phase of School Band please contact me, Julian Wright, for further details.

There are thirty-three lessons in the course, typically eleven for each term.

When you learn a new note you see where it is written on the stave and how to play it. Here the children are playing glockenspiels and ukuleles.

The children can play different combinations of instruments – glockenspiels and ukuleles, glockenspiels and recorders, ukuleles and recorders, and any one of those three instruments on their own.

Once the instruments are selected the children must stay with them throughout the course – the acquisition of new notes is progressive and previously learned notes are constantly recycled.

The first exercise in each lesson is to practice the new note…

…with the notes you have already learned.

Now you are ready to play a duet…

…half the class plays one part and the other half plays the other part.
And then you swap and repeat.

Now you all learn the percussion part…

… in this case a simple bass drum and cymbal beat.

Now you put the duet together with the percussion to play a trio.

Groups take turns to play each part.

Sometimes we sing the lyrics too with four groups taking turns.

There are clear and simple graphic and spoken instructions…

…which explain all you need to know to make a successful start.