The Most Popular Music App Of All Time

Conflict reigns. My old obsession – guitaring – has a rival – coding.

Surprisingly, they have a lot in common. They are equally demanding, frustrating, difficult, unfathomable and addictive.

When the coding for the music reading trainer – iReadGuitar Pro – was finished recently I looked forward to a second honeymoon with my first obsession. Time to build back up that long-lost repertoire. A return to serious gigging. I even bought an Epiphone Dot to start exploring jazz a little more.

But then a past idea sprang forward from that old back burner and destroyed my foolish plans.

iPlayCountry will be a free app carrying a tiny glimpse of an in-app ad for iReadGuitar Pro. Why will it be the most popular music app of all time?

Because you get to play a five-piece country band on your phone or tablet with one finger.

It’s the ultimate in DIY Karaoke. You could take it to an open mike and use it to accompany yourself. Even better, you could install it moments before going on and uninstall it as the wild applause pours into your ears.

It gives non-guitarists the chance to play something themselves and guitarists the chance to be just plain lazy and leave their box at home.

Is this good or bad? I wonder how many times that question has been asked about IT-related stuff? Maybe almost as many times as iPlayCountry is going to be installed!



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